Photography classes taught by an award-winning portrait artist and Sports Illustrated pubished photojournalist.


  • Studied fine art photography at Winthrop University
  • Portrait and wedding photographer for over 17 years
  • Sports photographer for over 15 years
  • Award-winning enviromental senior portrait artist
  • Published in regional and national publications including Sports Illustrated and

How I got here:

I began seriously taking pictures while at Winthrop University.  I was an art major, with a concentration in photography, but photojournalism really clicked when I began shooting for the school's newspaper and yearbook. 

After college I worked for Wolf Camera.  I got really lucky.  I learned more about cameras and photography at Wolf than I had in college because I had to learn to identify and help correct my customers' mistakes, as well as my own, while keeping up with the newest cameras on the market and be able to teach and sell them. 

While in Atlanta I met a sports photographer who had worked the 96 Olympics.   He started his own sports photography company and hired me.  I photographed the Braves, Titans, UGA, UT, & Ga Tech. (Did I mention I got really lucky?)

While doing the sports thing part time, I started teaching photography classes at Wolf Camera. These classes were made for people just getting started with photography, much like our classes now, and I loved doing it. 

In 2006 it was time to give up retail.  My family and I moved back home to Spartanburg SC.  I started Michael Lamb Photography and was shooting full time, for the first time.  We mainly shoot weddings and portraits, but I still shoot sports, corporate events (and almost anything else) when I get the chance.  I haven't stopped teaching photography in 10 years.

I'm still really lucky to be doing what I do.